Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dasp Mini Digital Egg Incubator - 7 Egg hatch capacity - Pink

Dasp Mini Digital Egg Incubator - 7 Egg hatch capacity - Pink

2012 new model 7 egg mini incubator. Yellow

100% automated incubator no egg turning needed! ( unless wanted )

Contains a built in fan to keep air circulated for a 99.9% hatch rate!

Includes small water pan to keep humidity to desired levels.

Automatic manufacturer base temperature programmed but adjustable as well.


Guarantee: One year manufacturer guarantee
Gross Weight : 0.55KG
Size: 16.5cm*16.5cm*17cm
Power supply: 110V/60Hz
Power: Less than 20 watts.
Temperature: 35�C to 40�C (Adjustable)
Maximum incubating amount: eggs gross weight less than 2.6 KG
Maximum capacity: 7 chicken eggs

Egg Selection:

The eggs used for incubating should be normal . The ones which are deformed, broken, or have abnormal shapes are all unsuitable. Meanwhile all the selected eggs should be clean, For the eggs used for incubation can not be washed.
Make sure the eggs to be incubated are fertilized ones.
The eggs to be incubated should be fresh, e.g. chicken and duck eggs within 7days and goose eggs within 10 days. If the storage time is too long. The success rate of the incubating will be affected.


Q: Is there a need for egg turning?
A: No, You do not need to turn eggs for small capacity. It is automatic control, no need for egg turning.( unless you want to)

Q: Is this machine suitable for family use or for kids gift.
A: Yes, of course. This model is specialized design for family, and kids education and creativity.

Q: What is Base Temperature Programmed, does that means that a specific temperature can be set and maintained like a house? Does this machine have Alarm?
A: Yes,the temperature is adjustable and the manufacturer has set the temperature for hatching chickens. And if the temperature goes beyond the set amount the alarm will begin to sound so your baby chicks won't die unhatched like most incubators!

Thank You for Visiting and Happy Hatching!

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