Thursday, September 5, 2013

ChlorMaker IL Hot Tub and Spa Inline Saltwater System Chlorine Generator, Chlorinator is installed in with the...

ChlorMaker IL Hot Tub and Spa Inline Saltwater System Chlorine Generator, Chlorinator is installed in with the...

The ChlorMaker IL is designed to work with spas that have a 24 hour circulation pump, a small pump that is ALWAYS ON. Installation in this case is relatively easy as the ChlorMaker IL cell can be spliced into the 3/4 inch tubing

The ChlorMaker IL operates on a 3 hour cycle and will automatically make chlorine for part of each 3 hour period. It will make chlorine 8 times a day and you will not need to manually add chlorine unless you are shocking the spa water after periods of heavy use. The ChlorMaker will definitely reduce the maintenance requirements of your spa and significantly reduce the amount of chemicals you may be currently using.

- Inline Saltwater System Hot Tub and Spa Chlorine Generator.

- Boost mode activated with the press of a button, boosts the power level for 3 hours to compensate for spa usage.
- Auto detecting 110/220 VAC switching power supply. Low 5 volt dc output. Certified to CUL and UL.

- Clear cell allows for easy inspection of the titanium plates.

- Self Cleaning technology. Plates are removable for cleaning when necessary.

- Low 2000 PPM NACL salt concentration for chlorine

- Requires flow for proper operation, 24 hour circulation pump required.

- Up to 32 grams per day chlorine production


1. Add 1.5 pounds salt per 100 gallons of spa water.

2. Install the control panel on the spa skirt

3. Install the cell by splicing it into the 3/4 inch tubing on the 24 hour circulation pump

4. Plug in the power supply into an outlet with a rain cover


1. Press both up and down buttons to enter change power mode. Press the up button to increase the power, down button to decrease the power level

2. While making chlorine, red led indicates low salt, blue salt OK, green high salt

3. After using the SPA, press the boost mode for increased chlorine production for 3 hours.

  • Spa and Hot Tub Chlorine Generator, Around-The-Clock Chlorine Production
  • 10 Built in Power levels, no external timers needed!
  • Self Cleaning Reverse Polarity Technology, Lowers spa and hot tub maintenance
  • Dealer installation recommended, integration with existing equipment is required
  • No more skin irritations and itchy red eyes, enjoy your spa LONGER!

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